Terms of use for the Potamotrygon forum



    This forum was brought into being to offer ray-keepers the possibility to exchange information. It is not a platform for mutual denunciation. In other forums ray-keepers are sometimes attacked. Here everybody should feel safe - everybody who keeps or wants to keep rays.


    When you register in the forum you must give your name (Christian an familiy name) and adress.

    Thomas G. (quotation): In a forum like this there shouldn´t be any anonymity. Many internet-users denounce us ray-keepers and prospective buyers. Moreover, I am of the opinion that it is a question of respect to provide information about oneself.
    Many users log in only to sell something in der marketspace. These people very often act anonymously. Our forum is no marketplace. For selling there exist other markets, e.g. the fish-market.

    A piece of information about other forums:
    Seawater forum: You only get write permission, if you donate a certain amount of money.
    A lot of other forums demand personal data when you want to obtain write access.
    In addition, I personally think that it is important to know where the users come from - so you probably can react faster (even on-site) if someone causes trouble.

    A private argument between users schould be discussed via e-mail or personal message - the fight must not be carried on in the forum. If someone has a row with another user, he or she can consult a moderator, of course. User who provocate others are given a warning; and after the 3rd warning their names are deleted.
    It is forbidden to write articles that are raunchy, obscene, abhorrent, menacing or that violate the law.


    The marketspace is for private purchase and sale only.
    For the positioning of commercial offers ask for permission first: write to:
    If you breake this rule, the entry is deleted.

    Usage of pictures

    For copyright reasons you are only allowed to place your own pictures in the forum. If other pictures are used, the photographer´s written authorization must be on hand. (There are property rights for each picture. Therefore it can only be publicized by the owner or with his/her permission.)


    Links that lead to another ray-forum are forbidden in signatures or articles. Links to illegal, pronographic or racist websites are forbidden as well as links to contents that glorify violence.

    Rights of the owner

    Entries that infringe a rule are deleted and the user´s account is blocked for a certain time or even for good. The writer of the entry is banned. According to law, this virtual ban is as valid as the order to stay away in real life (Revision gegen das Urteil vom LG Bonn - Az.: 10 O 457/99 vom 16.11.1999 durch das OLG Köln - Az.: 19U2/00 vom 25.8.200). If necessary we take legal action against the causer in order to enforce the ban (at the causer´s expense, of course).

    Deletion of articles after elimination of user

    All users of this forum agree that articles they write here become property of the forum and will remain within it regardless of membership of the author.

    Rights after leaving

    All rights of all articles / contributions pass into the Potamotrygon-Forum's possession. The nickname should be chosen carefully, as it will remain visible in the system as unregistered member whereas the personal data will be automatically deleted.

    unregistered users

    Unregistered users do not have any rights on their contributions to the forum as well as all rights in their nickname.
    As soon as a user leaves the Forum all his personal data will be automatically deleted. The nickname will remain visible in the Forum as unregistered user

    Greeting Björn
    Aquarium Schwarzerochen

  • Potramotrygon-Forum | Rules/Terms of use

    The registration und use of our forum is for free of charge.
    Click on the >Akzeptieren< button, if you agree with the terms of use.
    After that you can register yourself.

    Even though the administrators and moderators of the Potamotrygon-Forum try to keep the forum clean from undesirable articles it is not feasible to check all contributions.

    All articles / contributions express the view of the author.
    The owner of the Potamotrygon-Forum or WoltLab GmbH (developers of this forum-system) can not be made responsible for the contents of those articles.

    With completing the registration you agree to not abuse the forum for obscenity, vulgar things, insults, propaganda, (extreme) political opinions or (verbal) offences against law.

    Furthermore if contributions offend against good manners they may be edited or even deleted by the administrators or moderators of the forum.

    The user of this Forum agrees that all his contributions to the forum remain property of the forum in case of the author leaving or been excluded out of the forum.

    Have fun using the Potamotrygon-Forum.

    Greeting Björn
    Aquarium Schwarzerochen